At Main Fashion Optical, we are proud to work with Carl Zeiss Optics. This prestigious company specializes in high-quality optics. They manufacture products such as Zeiss lenses, medical devices, and binoculars. We utilize their fantastic range of vision care lenses to give exceptional quality and performance to our customers.

But what makes these products so beneficial? In the text below, we discuss the main benefits of Zeiss lenses:

A man trying optical glasses that have Zeiss lenses

Digitally manufactured for precision

This type of lens is manufactured using digital computing technology. Each lens, therefore, has a higher level of precision and definition. Compared to an average lathe-cut lens, the quality is infinitely higher. Zeiss lenses essentially give you greater clarity and performance.

Choose from a range of quality lens coatings

Coatings turn a piece of glass into a usable tool for everyday wear. Zeiss lenses are available in a multitude of coatings including:

  • Anti-reflective
  • Hard coating
  • CleanCoat

An anti-reflective coating can reduce glare. Furthermore, they can allow those talking to you, to actually see your eyes, and not their own reflection.

A hard coating makes the lens resistant to scratches – this is important if you work in an environment where they could easily become damaged.

CleanCoat is a special lens coating that can reduce the chance of impurities attaching to the glass. This means you do not have to clean your glasses as often.

Reduced strain when using smartphones and tablets

Today we regularly use smartphones and tablets. Digital devices like these can place strain on our eyes. Persistent use can eventually lead to blurred vision and dryness of the eyes. A great feature of Zeiss lenses is that they can combat the effects of over-exposure to digital devices. Wearing a digital Zeiss lens allows your eyes to focus quicker, and adapt to the bright glare from cellphone screens.

UV protection up to 400 nm

Our bodies are subject to harmful UV rays. We cannot see these rays, but the sun is an ever-present reminder of the potential damage UV exposure can cause. To protect our skin, we simply wear sunscreen. How can we protect our eyes though? By wearing Zeiss lenses! Clear lenses from this manufacturer now actually contain UV protection up to a level of 400 nm – this is a similar level to high-quality sunglasses.

Adjustable to fit the shape of your face & eyes

Customization is an important aspect of optics and vision care. Each human facial structure is different. You may have higher cheekbones or a different shaped brow for example. To allow for the uniqueness of the human figure, this manufacturer creates lenses that are customized for your own face. The shape of your face is taken into consideration and an optimized lens is developed. This can reduce distortion and improve your peripheral vision.

Quality optics such as Zeiss lenses are an essential part of providing eye care to the public. The benefits these products provide combined with the tailored services we offer to create the perfect combination for you the customer.