Varilux lenses are the brand name of the first and leading type of progressive lenses. These lenses are used in glasses around the world. They were developed in the 1950s as an improvement over bifocals.

What are Varilux lenses?

Varilux lenses are similar to bifocals in that they are intended to correct both near and far vision. In particular, they treat presbyopia, which is also called age-related farsightedness. Presbyopia occurs as the eyes age and lose flexibility. People often start to notice this change after they reach their 40s. They have difficulty focusing their eyes on things that are close to them.

Bifocals have been in use for centuries and are designed to treat presbyopia. These lenses contain an upper portion for nearsightedness and a lower portion for farsightedness. This lets wearers switch back and forth from focusing on closer and farther objects.

Varilux lenses or progressive lenses are an improvement over bifocals. They ease the abrupt transition in focus by adding a third lens for the medium view. The lenses adjust with the progression of focus, hence the name, progressive lenses.

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Who should use Varilux lenses?

If you have been noticing a change in your vision as you age, you should make an appointment with your optometrist. In particular, if you are past the age of 40, you may be a prime candidate for Varilux.

People suffering from presbyopia will probably notice difficulty focusing on things close to their face. They are becoming gradually more farsighted. If you need to hold things further from your eyes to focus on them, it is a good idea to bring it up at your next eye appointment. Your optometrist will conduct some standard tests to find out if you have presbyopia.

What are the benefits of Varilux lenses?

Specialty glasses like progressive lenses do not limit your access to stylish frames or special coatings. You can still get blue light protection, glare shields, or scratch protection. In short, having specialty lenses does not mean being limited in comfort.

When you first begin wearing progressive lenses, you may notice a period of adjustment for your eyes. This will be particularly obvious in your peripheral vision. Though it may be uncomfortable at first, your eyes should adjust within a few days. Make sure to continue wearing your glasses during this period of adjustment unless they are causing you significant discomfort.

As your eyes get used to your new lenses, you will notice a much more comfortable, gradual shift in your vision. This makes progressive lenses more pleasant to wear than bifocals. Many people find bifocals uncomfortable and report eye strain or headaches due to abrupt focus shifts.

If you have been noticing a shift in your vision as you age, make an appointment with your optometrist. Like many others in middle age, you may be suffering from presbyopia. Your eye doctor will be able to talk you through the available options and find out if Varilux lenses are the right choice for you.