If you’re ready to buy a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, you might be wondering which tint is the best. In this article we’re going to go over the options you have. We’ll also touch on why a tint is useful and more than just a fashion statement.

What kinds of tints are available for glasses?

There a many different options open to you if you would like to darken the lens on your prescription glasses. These are some of the most popular options:

Glasses with dark color tint

Photochromic tints

Photochromic lenses (also known as transitions and light-adaptive lenses) are lenses for your glasses which automatically adjust to the level of light you’re in. So, if you’re inside your home or working in your office, the lenses will be clear (or close to it). When you go outside, the lenses will darken to a deep brown as they adjust to the sunlight.

Photochromic glasses are a great choice for people who do not want to have a pair of glasses for inside and a pair of prescription sunglasses. It should be noted though that transition lenses will not get as dark as a traditional pair of sunglasses will. So if you’re very sensitive to outside light, a different option may suit you better.

Colored tints

You may have seen all of your favorite celebrities showcasing funky glasses in a range of colors. But did you know that colored tints are more than a fashion statement? They can actually help you with your depth perception, increase contrast, and help get rid of pesky glare. Here’s what each color offers:

  • Brown or amber — Improves contrast so you’ll see things more sharply. And thanks to the red element, your depth perception is increased too.
  • Yellow — Offers great clarity in low-light situations. Think haze and fog. Also helps to block blue light which may make it harder to focus.
  • Blue and purple — Reduces glare and improves your color perception.
  • Red — Can enhance your visual depth perception and make it easier for you to see while driving. Also great for reducing eye strain.
  • Pink — Has been shown to help young dyslexic learners read.

Will all of the above tints you can also choose how dark you’d like the tint to be, this is referred to as depth of color.


Polarized sunglasses which are very popular with people who work on or near the water such as fishermen. Because they actively reduce glare, they’re also great for driving. They work by absorbing horizontal light waves and letting vertical waves pass through.

If you’ve never worn a pair of polarized glasses before, you’ll be surprised by the difference between these and regular tinted sunglasses. Your depth of vision and color perception are greatly improved. They also block out 100 percent of the harmful UV light.

Still not sure which kind of tint is right for you? Come in and see us at Main Fashion Optical in Bergenfield or Passaic, NJ. Our friendly optometrists and stylist are always on hand to offer you the best advice when it comes to your eye wear. Plus, with our on-site lab, your new tinted glasses will be ready in no time.