When you wear glasses, you know how their cleanliness impacts your ability to see. Clean glasses give you a sharp view and help prevent eye fatigue and strain. Quality lens cleaners can help you keep your glasses in top condition.

Just using lens cleaners isn’t enough, though. You’ll want to clean your glasses often — and properly — for best results.

How lens cleaners work

Lens cleaners are a liquid solution you use with an appropriate cloth to remove residue, dirt, and oils from your glasses. It’s usually clear and may be easily confused with water.

A girl cleaning her glasses with lens cleaners

Though water can work to remove surface dirt in a pinch, it’s not a great option for cleaning glasses. It doesn’t work well on oil left behind from your fingers and may just move dirt around rather than remove it.

Made out of alcohol and water, lens cleaner effectively dissolves oils and debris. If you’re cleaning glasses without a solution, whether with water or a dry cloth, you may wind up pushing the dirt around and scratching your glasses.

How to clean your glasses

Before you reach for your new bottle of lens cleaner, you’ll want to wash your own hands. This removes any excess oils from your own fingers so you can more effectively clean your glasses without leaving anything behind.

Once your hands are clean, run your glasses under tepid water, if it’s available. This will remove any larger particles or debris that can harm your coatings or lenses. You may want to blow on the lenses if you don’t have access to water. When your hands are clean and larger debris has been removed from the surface, you’re ready to clean your lenses.

Using an appropriate, soft cloth (not your t-shirt or a paper towel) spray your lens cleaner onto your lens. Rub the lenses with your cloth until the lens cleaner has been completely worked in. Twist your glasses in the light to check for any residual smudges and touch up any areas that need more attention.

Before you choose your lens cleaners

If you have special finishes on your glasses such as tints or anti-reflective coatings, make sure the lens cleaners you’ve chosen won’t damage them. Some coatings and finishes may be compromised by certain ingredients. If you have any doubts, check in with your eye care professionals.

The right tools can make a world of difference

There’s no need to live with smudged glasses and impaired vision. You have the glasses already — taking care of them from the beginning can help them last longer, function better, and look great.

Main Fashion Optical in Bergenfield and Passaic, NJ, knows glasses are more than just an accessory. If you have any questions about which lens cleaners are right for you and your glasses, stop in for a visit. The qualified professionals on our team can help you maintain the glasses you already have, or get you squared away with a brand new pair.