Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory, in fact, they’re vital for protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy. Did you know that the FDA classifies quality sunglasses as a medical device?

But it’s no good buying any old shades. You can find a cheap pair very easily on the internet, how do you know they will actually offer the protection your eyes need? You should never put the health of your eyes at risk for the sake of a few dollars. Here we look at why it’s important to choose well.

Protect your eyes from ultraviolet light

We’re told time and time again to cover ourselves in sun cream when going out in the sunshine. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays cause sunburn, and no one wants to look like a lobster! If UV light can do that to our skin, just imagine what it can do to your eyes.

Women wearing quality sunglasses with blue background

Exposure to large amounts of UV light can cause damage to the cornea, lens, and even the macula located at the back of the eye. That’s why the first thing to consider when buying any sunglasses is whether they will protect your eyes from UV rays. You should be looking for quality sunglasses that offer 100 percent UVA and UVB protection.

Polarized lenses

When choosing sunglasses, you might also want to consider polarized lenses. Polarization helps reduce reflections and glare. When out on a sunny day, UV light not only hits you from head-on. It bounces off of all the surfaces around you — the ground, your cars dashboard, water, walls. Polarized lenses have small parallel groves on them. When light comes in from all directions, only the light that aligns with these groves makes it through to your eyes.

Polarized lenses are something you will only get from quality sunglasses purchased from a reputable source. Once you have worn them, you will realize the huge difference they make.

Quality sunglasses are not just for summer

One of the best habits you can get into is wearing quality sunglasses whenever you venture outside. Whether you’re going for a walk, driving, or playing sports always wear your shades. And they shouldn’t be something that you bring out just for the summer months.

Even on cloudy days, UV light will reach your eyes and potentially cause damage. That’s why it’s important to wear sunglasses in the winter, spring and fall too. Your eyes need protection all year round to stay as healthy as possible.

You only get one pair of eyes, so you need to look after them the best you can. At Main Fashion Optical in Bergenfield, NJ, we sell only ophthalmic-quality sunglasses that meet the minimum standards for UV protection. We also stock designer brands and glasses designed for playing sports.

Our frame specialists are on-hand to help find the right quality sunglasses for you. Be safe in the knowledge that the sunglasses you choose at Main Fashion Optical will not only look great, they’ll help keep your eyes healthy too.