Progressive lenses are designed to remedy and correct presbyopia, the inability to focus on objects which are near. Presbyopia is common and affects many Americans over the age of 40.

Progressive prescription glasses are also known as no-line bifocals. In traditional bifocals, a visible lens is seen down the bottom of the main lens. The smaller lens is for seeing objects that are near and the main lens is for seeing objects that are far away. Hence the name, bifocals.

Progressive lenses do the same job without the visible extra lens that bifocals have. Here, we’ll go over some of the benefits of this type of prescription glasses. Let’s get started with how they look.

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Is the idea of having to wear bifocals getting you down? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many people feel that bifocals make them feel and look a lot older than they actually are.

With progressive lenses, the same corrective fields are in the glasses, they just look a lot sleeker and are not as obvious.

An intermediate field of vision

Because bifocals have only two lenses, wearers can see close up objects and stuff that is far away. But there’s no correction for the intermediate field of vision — around three to twenty feet away.

Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses have three visual fields. Wearers can see distant, intermediate, and close-up objects without having to change spectacles.

Only one pair of glasses is needed

Do you have multiple pairs of glasses? Perhaps you have one pair for driving, one for working on your computer, and another pair for reading? Having to change your glasses several times a day gets a little annoying, doesn’t it?

And if you’re anything like the average person you might forget where you left this pair or that pair and find yourself getting into your car with the wrong glasses on. Or sitting down to work only to discover you’ve left the pair you need in your car!

Progressive lenses eliminate the need to switch glasses throughout the day. The knock-on effect here is that switching to progressive lenses is cheaper in the long run. You only need one pair of glasses and because they’re always with you, you’re less likely to lose them.

Progressive lenses mimic natural vision

Because progressive lenses are multifocal — that is they offer a full range of focus points and fields of vision — they closely mimic natural vision.

If you’re missing the good old days of twenty-twenty vision, progressive lenses can help you get that back.

Not just for spectacle wearers

Many people mistakenly believe that progressive lenses are only for people who wear prescription glasses. But there are progressive contact lenses available as well which eliminate the need for bifocal and trifocal contact lenses.

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