At Main Fashion Optical, our qualified experts are ready to help meet your eye health needs. Don’t risk your vision by settling for subpar prescription glasses.

If you aren’t sure what you need, Main Fashion Optical can help you better understand your eyes’ needs. You can rest assured our capable staff is ready to help you with:

  • Assessing what frames are right for you
  • Working to find you every-day and sunglass frames that complement your style and personality

Our services extend beyond the physical. Our on-site optician can help you establish exactly what your eyes need to work at their best. Every pair of eyes is different and should be given the individualized attention they deserve.

MAIN Fashion Optical eye expert making prescription glasses NJ

Feel free to create an appointment to meet our knowledgeable staff and start making your choices. Appointments aren’t necessary, though, and walk-ins are always welcome from Monday through Saturday during operating hours.


Main Fashion Optical has over 10,000 prescription glasses frames on site. Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional frame or a cutting-edge design from current, top-end designers, Main Fashion Optical can help you find it. We stock frames from Tom Ford, Gucci, Prada, and many others. We also stock a wide range of affordable but still fashion-forward designs.

If you’re not sure you know what you’re looking for, let our staff know a little bit about what you have in mind and they’ll show you some options. Our stylists are experts on which frames suit which face shapes so you’ll be looking your best in no time. Most customers find their trip to the store takes less than 20 minutes.

More than just prescription glasses

We know eye care is about more than just eyeglasses. To offer our clients the most comprehensive service possible, we’re just as dedicated to contact lenses and prescription sunglasses.


When it comes to sunglasses, not all are created equal. You want more than just a tinted piece of glass. At Main Fashion Optical, we only offer ophthalmic quality sunglasses. These glasses meet the established standard for UV-protection and can be fitted with your prescription.

Think sunglasses are only for the summer? Think again. For optimal eye protection, you’ll want to plan on wearing your sunglasses year-round. So, go ahead and stop in for a look, regardless of the season.

Quality service to keep your eyes healthy — and you satisfied

We pride ourselves on quality service. We also pride ourselves on being able to work within your budget. Whether you plan to spend a lot or a little, we plan to give your eyes the same kind of quality care.

Our on-site lab means that we can have your new glasses ready in an hour. And our experienced optometrists are always on hand to make sure your prescription is up to date.

Don’t settle for compromised quality because you think it will be less expensive, your eye health matters. Make an appointment or stop by to discuss your prescription glasses options. You’ll love your experience — and your eyes will thank you.