Caring for your glasses might not necessarily be something you think about very often. But the simple truth is that maintaining your glasses can make all the difference. Either you will have to replace them in a few years, or you will have them for many years to come. Glasses are expensive and vital for your eye health, so they are not an investment to treat lightly!

So, what is the best way to take care of your glasses to make sure they last many years?

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Keep clean every day to maintain your glasses long-term

Keeping your glasses clean has more benefits than you think. Not only does it keep harmful dirt and bacteria out of your eyes, but it ensures that your glasses will last. Dirt and grime can wreak havoc on lenses and frames. Over time, these materials start to break down. Cleaning your glasses frequently makes all the difference.

Before you start to clean your glasses, rinse them in tepid water. This removes any grime that could potentially scratch them while you clean.

Then, gently rub some dish soap over your glasses. Do not scrub them, as this can weaken the frames or scratch the lenses. If you like, you can simply put the soap on your fingers and gently rub your glasses all over. Lastly, rinse them off in room-temperature water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Avoid rubbing or cleaning with damaging materials

Glasses are made to be durable, but in some ways, they are also very fragile. You should never wipe your lenses down with your clothing or with paper products like napkins or tissues. Clothing fibers and the grain of paper products can easily scratch the glass.

Instead, clean your glasses with a clean microfiber or special lens cloth. Make sure the cloth is always clean if you want to maintain your eyeglasses. Dirt and dust caught in cloth fibers can also scratch your lenses.

Handle and store your glasses properly

Most people have the tendency to remove their glasses by gripping one earpiece. This is a good way to pull your frames out of alignment. This, of course, will cause your glasses to break down over time and may even cause you to need replacement parts.

Instead, remove and hold your glasses by the nosepiece. This will distribute weight evenly across the frames and avoid putting extra wear and tear on your glasses.

Make sure you never set your glasses down on any surface for long periods of time. This is a good way for them to accumulate harmful dust and dirt or to be scratched by surfaces. Instead, when you store your glasses, always put them in a case or microfiber pouch. This will protect them from accumulating grime or being scratched by their environment.


Glasses are an important long-term investment. In order for them to keep your eyes healthy, they need to be in top condition. With the right care, handling, and storage, you will be able to keep and maintain your glasses in good shape for many years to come.