Most glasses serve to just correct vision, while other lenses are for special vision needs. Specialty glasses can serve many purposes. Specialty lenses help treat conditions like astigmatisms, sensitivity, chronic dry eye, and more. A good pair of specialty lenses can revolutionize your experience with visual aids.

What are some options for lenses for special vision needs?

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An astigmatism is an irregular shape in the way your eye curves. This alters the pathway of light through the eye, causing visual disturbances. Many people find this irritating or uncomfortable. Specialty lenses can correct astigmatisms by redirecting light through the cornea. This offers significant relief for those with this condition.

UV rays and blue light can be very hard on the eyes. People exposed to high levels of UV rays and blue light might experience light sensitivity or chronic dry eye. This includes those who spend a lot of time outside or in front of digital screens. Both issues are uncomfortable and make it difficult to focus. Specialty lenses ease eye strain by adjusting to changing light levels. This protects eyes from harmful light and reduces strain by easing the transition.

Light-blocking glasses can also help people who suffer from chronic migraines. Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, dizziness, and visual disturbances. They can drastically disrupt daily life. These episodes are often triggered by light fluctuations. Light-blocking lenses can cut migraine frequency by about 70 percent.

The right glasses are not just about making it easier to see. They also make sure your eyes are healthy, comfortable, and protected. Specialty lenses make daily life easier by reducing vision problems that affect your health. They can also save you money for special vision treatments both now and in the future. Contact Main Fashion Optical to learn more about lenses for special vision needs.