Determining the shape of your face

Not every pair of glasses is made for every face. Frames come in a variety of styles and shapes; finding out which one best complements your features will help you look and feel your best. Finding the right frames comes down to understanding the shape of your face. Face shapes are generally round, oval, diamond, oblong, square, or heart-shaped.

choosing right frames according to your face shape main fashion optical bergenfield nj

Right frame options for each face shape

A circular face is one with round cheeks, a broad forehead, and a soft chin. If you have a circular face, look for frames that are thicker and sharply angular. The more rectangular, the better. This will help give definition to your soft facial features.

If your face is square or rectangular, you should look for softer frames without sharp angles or even for round frames. This will help soften your features and complement the strong jawline of this face shape. It also helps if the frames sit high on your nose, as this will add length and depth to your face. Avoid boxy or rectangular glasses that make your facial features appear sharper. Wider glasses work well for rectangular faces.

Diamond-shaped faces often have a delicate appearance, so oval or elongated frames will complement them well. Upwardly angled frames will help highlight your cheekbones, but boxy frames might draw too much attention to your cheeks.

Oblong faces are suited to large glasses, even ones that are wider than the face. Avoid small frames that draw in your features.

Rimless frames accentuate the features of heart-shaped faces, as do very thin frames. Heavier frames may crowd your face too much.

Finally, those with oval-shaped faces are in luck — they can make almost any frames work for them.

All of these styles and more are available at Main Fashion Optical. Contact us today to learn more about the right frames for yourself or your loved ones.