For the most part, the benefits of glasses vs. contacts depend on preference and lifestyle.

You may think that contacts are a better choice because they don’t change your appearance. Contacts are easier for physical activity since they cannot be broken or knocked off. They also offer better peripheral vision since they sit directly on the eye.

But contacts also carry risks of chronic dry eye and eye infections. They need a lot of care to make sure they are safe for your eyes. They also carry the risk of corneal abrasion, which is when a piece of dirt gets trapped beneath the lens.

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Benefits of glasses vs. contacts: advantages of glasses

Glasses need little care beyond regular cleaning and an annual adjustment. They are appropriate for people of every age. Because they last longer than contacts, glasses can save you a lot of money. They also offer some protection against eye infections or irritants. Many people with sensitive or dry eyes find glasses more comfortable and less straining. Glasses are also quick and easy to put on and do not require any adjustment to your daily routine.

A big advantage to glasses is that they can be made to adjust to light levels to avoid straining your eyes. This offers extra protection from harmful UV rays and blue light. Contacts offer some limited protection from light rays, but not to the same extent. Glasses give 100 percent protection, which means better eye health and more comfort.

Even if you wear contacts regularly, you should also have a pair of glasses on hand. Contact lenses have the potential to go missing or irritate your eyes. The benefits of glasses vs. contacts may vary from person to person, but it is always wise to have a backup. Log on to Main Fashion Optical to find the best glasses for your needs today.